About LuxeMED

Founded in 2018 by an award winning Podiatrist, we know what great instruments are.

We understand the complex and fast paced nature of Podiatry means that the instruments used every day by practitioners must perform to the highest standards. LuxeMED’s commitment to quality, reliability and customer service means we can provide you with exceptional Podiatry instruments you can depend on.

LuxeMED was established after the founders noticed a gap in the Podiatry instrument market; Quality instruments were expensive which makes starting a Podiatry business and maintaining one an expensive endeavour. 

LuxeMED has scoured the globe to find and manufacture the highest quality instruments at an affordable price, enabling us to pass the savings onto our customers. Our select range ensures each tool in our range has been trialled, refined and perfected before releasing it to the market. We are committed to becoming your trusted source of podiatry instruments.

LuxeMED is a small family owned business based in Melbourne, Australia. We are so confident and proud of the standard of our products that we can hand deliver our instruments to your door. This allows us to meet you, discuss your needs and get to know you on a personal level to develop a long lasting business relationship.

If you’re located outside of Melbourne, don’t worry! We can ship anywhere in Australia!