Podiatry Clinic growth

Grow Your Podiatry Clinic

You’ve made a conscious decision to expand your Podiatry clinic and help out more people in your community – take a second to give yourself a pat on the back! Read on to find some amazing tips on expanding your Podiatry practice!

Beaver handle supplies

Everything You Need To Know About Scalpel Blades

Scalpel blade handles come in a range of sizes designed to hold multiple types of scalpel blade sizes, meaning the Podiatrist can have a range of different blades at their disposal - with each shape and size having their own strengths and weaknesses. Do you know which scalpel blade shape is best for you?

Reusable vs single use instrument cost comparison

Reusable Podiatry Instruments vs Single Use Podiatry Instruments

The decision to use single use Podiatry instruments or reusable Podiatry instruments is a difficult decision to make. There are lots of different aspects to consider like the real cost of disposable instruments as well as the real cost of reusable instruments, environmental impact, exposure to risk and how all of these factors tie in to your individual circumstances.

LuxeMED instruments

How Much Does It Cost to Start a Podiatry Clinic?

Starting a private Podiatry practice or deciding to open your own clinic can be a daunting thought. There are thousands of reasons as to why you may be apprehensive to make the leap to open your own clinic. Generally the most prominent thought is around the cost but this doesn’t have to be the case! Go ahead, get your calculator out, read these tips, and find out how little opening your own clinic can really cost!

LuxeMED podiatry conference booth

2019 Australian Podiatry Conference

The 2019 Australian Podiatry Conference provides an excellent opportunity for Podiatrists of all states to gather under one roof to discuss all things Podiatry. Featuring keynote speakers from all corners of the globe, various exhibitors (like us!) and many networking opportunities, even the most experienced Podiatrist is sure to gain some useful knowledge from the conference.

Single vs Double action clippers

What Podiatry Clippers Should I Buy? – Part 1

What is one of the most important instruments to a Podiatrist? I’ll give you a clue – they’re used by podiatrists, day in, day out and will provide years of loyal service if you pick the right ones. It’s the humble nail clipper. Often the most important question a Podiatrist will ask is, “What nail clipper should I buy?” – The correct answer can assist to make a podiatrist’s job a lot easier or create years of tears. It’s vital that the Podiatrist knows what style of clipper will suit their hands and work environment. Read on to let us help you find the right nail clipper for you.

LuxeMED Double action clipper product development

What Podiatry Clippers Should I Buy? – Part 2

Part 2 of our “what type of Podiatry clippers should I buy?” series will cover more physical features of the clippers, and how they relate to improving the quality of the instruments. Generally, the points discussed aren’t subjective. They’re fundamental in all top quality Podiatry instruments and equipment.

Podiatry Bur Category

Podiatry Bur Basics

Having the right tool for the right job is a basic need to excel in any occupation; being a Podiatrist is no exception. There are 1000’s of different burs – carbide burs, tungsten burs, diamond burs, ceramic burs… The list goes on and on. Read on to find the best Podiatry bur for you!

Single use surgical instruments

What Do I Need To Start A Podiatry Practice?

Stepping out of your comfort zone and starting your own Podiatry clinic is a daunting prospect. To make the process a little bit easier, we’ve put together a list of all the things you will need to start your new Podiatry clinic off on the right foot!

How to start a podiatry clinic

How To Start A Podiatry Clinic?

So you want to start a podiatry practice? Whether you feel that this is the next step in your career because you want to be your own boss, run a clinic your way, or provide a service to a community that lacks a podiatrist, there are a few important things you should take on board.

Nail Clipper 12.5cm

Caring For Your Podiatry Instruments

Your LuxeMED instruments will perform at the highest level when they are initially received. To keep them performing at this level, it is important to care for them in a way which not only reduces the wear and tear, but minimises the chance of malfunction.