Growing Your Podiatry Clinic


You’ve made a conscious decision to expand your Podiatry clinic and help out more people in your community – take a second to give yourself a pat on the back!

It’s a tough decision to make. Often, Podiatrists get so busy working IN their business that they forget to work ON their business, meaning their ability to help is capped.

But this isn’t you!

Growing your Podiatry clinic is much easier said than done; however, if you’re willing to put in the work now, it’s only a matter of time before your calendar is full to the brim.

Get your pen and paper ready – it’s time to overhaul your clinic and get it ready to grow!

Here is a quick summary of the topics we’ll cover. Feel free to jump ahead!

Step 1: Systemise

Step 2: Refine

Step 3: Market

Step 4: Follow up

Step 1: Systemise your Podiatry Clinic

You know those little jobs that are painful to do? They feel monotonous… Is there a better way?

There probably is.

The problem with these little niggly jobs in your Podiatry clinic is that they all take time. You need to think about the jobs that will get harder and harder as more clients come to you for all of their Podiatry needs.

Do any spring to mind for you?

How about we start from the top.

Something as simple as Podiatry appointment reminder calls – Are automated text messages a more efficient solution for your clientele? Are the FTA rates similar to call confirmations?

Patient booking systems – are you juggling excel documents, clinical software and a good old fashioned diary? It’s time to consolidate all of your appointments into one system.

Process manuals – It can be helpful to develop these manuals early on in your clinical growth.

Not only do they help you minimise the required steps to complete a task, but it simplifies the process for the next Podiatrist or admin team member that you need to on-board.

All of these little things take a minute here and a minute there. As your clinic grows, you’ll lose more and more minutes, hours and days doing these little jobs. 

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Nip it in the bud so you can get back to doing what you want to do – grow your Podiatry clinic into your ideal Podiatry clinic vision!

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A great book that you can read which will help you in your business process development is the E-Myth by Michael Gerber. There are some chapters which discuss making your business ‘franchise-able’ which is really what you’re trying to achieve when you expand.

Simplifying and systemising as much as you can will allow you to grow more efficiently!

Step 2: Refine Your Podiatry Clinic

After you’ve implemented the framework for efficiency and productivity in your Podiatry clinic, it’s time to refine.

The best way of doing this is brainstorm, trial, review, implement.

Continually completing this process should always be a part of your Podiatry clinic but it is most important in this period of growth.

It gives you every chance of successfully expanding. Process errors are noticed early, as are areas for improvement.

The aim of refining your processes initially is to keep your Podiatry clinic running without a hitch. Once you’ve got that nailed, it’s time to perfect the client experience side of things.

The smallest touches of going the extra mile can make your clients look forward to seeing their Podiatrist.

Being greeted with a friendly ‘Welcome’

Providing some amenities like tea and coffee in the waiting room

Some nice magazines and aromas in the waiting room

They all contribute to the client experience! Put yourself in the shoes of your typical client.

What do they see when they arrive? How do they fill their time while waiting for an appointment? Are appointments running on time?

To get started, listen to Small Business, Big Marketing’s episode about Podiatry clinic growth here!

Step 3: Market Your Podiatry Clinic

Now that you have the processes and extra touches in place, your Podiatry Clinic is now primed for growth!

But is will have all be for nothing without expanding your client base.

Q. How do you do this?

A. Marketing

Here is a checklist for you to make sure you’re getting your word out there:

  • Have you visited your local medical clinics in the last 12 months to raise awareness and provide education on the services your podiatry clinic can provide?
  • Are your social medical channels live and active (Facebook and Instagram are the big ones here)
  • Have you created your Google business listing? Is it verified?
  • Do you have a client lifecycle that includes reactivating quiet clients?

Ultimately you’re first trying to raise awareness that your Podiatry clinic exists in your community, convert those members of the community that require a Podiatrist to become clients, and retain those clients for future visits.

Step 4: Follow Up

The final stage of the process (Following up with clients) can be labour intensive and ‘create more work’ but the difference in the quality of service that you provide will set you apart.

It gives Podiatry clinics another touch-point to interact with their clients and another opportunity to secure future appointments.

The result:

Raving fans.

Ultimately, this is what you want to create. Through following this process, you’re sure to create some clients who can’t stop talking about you.

These clients are worth their weight in gold!

The word of mouth marketing that these clients will do on your behalf is an amazing gift that is a result of the work you have done to ensure the client is 100% satisfied with their service

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