New Zealand Podiatry Instruments

New Zealand Podiatry Instruments

LuxeMED can now supply Podiatry instruments and Podiatry equipment to New Zealand.

Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch in New Zealand, can also be supplied with all of your Podiatry instrument needs.

Reliable and prompt supply of podiatrist instruments is important to podiatrists in NZ. LuxeMED are excited to supply NZ Podiatrists with the best Podiatry instruments.

New Zealand Podiatry Instrument Delivery

We can provide prompt delivery of Podiatry instruments to New Zealand capitals and major centres. If you’re in NZ and require Podiatry instruments and equipment, we can provide podiatry supplies to all of New Zealand.

All orders are shipped express as standard. Shipping costs to all parts of NZ is a flat rate of $40AUD

Podiatry in New Zealand

According to the Ministry of Health in NZ, there are over 450 podiatrists in New Zealand.

Where to buy Podiatry instruments in New Zealand?

Relatively near by, Victoria as a whole has the highest number of Podiatrists of any Australian state, meaning there are a variety of options when it comes to buying your Podiatry instruments or Podiatry supplies in for New Zealand Podiatrists. As LuxeMED doesn’t have a traditional shopfront, we are able to keep prices low and maintain the highest level of Podiatry instrument quality. The fact that we don’t have a Melbourne shopfront doesn’t stop us from working with you – get in touch today to see our Podiatry speak to our product specialist today!

Not from NZ? Maybe you’re a coffee lover from Melbourne? Check out our Melbourne postage information here