Ceramic Bur – Bud

$25.45 ex. gst

Durable Ceramic bur, designed for precision filing of toenails.

  • Long lifetime due to Ceramic composition
  • Reduced heat accumulation
  • Excellent balance between cutting and finishing
  • Fully autoclavable / reusable

Availability: In stock (can be backordered)

Harness the power of cutting edge Ceramic Bur technology with our Bud shaped Ceramic Bur. 

Ceramic burs are resistant to heat accumulation, allowing Podiatrists to bur for longer before becoming uncomfortable for the patient.

With the head length of 11mm, there is no loss of control which may be experienced with larger bur sizes – allowing Podiatrists to hit the ground running with this new bur technology!

Want to learn a bit more about Ceramic Burs and how they might fit into your clinic? Give our practicing Podiatrist and Product Specialist a call today!


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