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All of LuxeMED’s prices are displayed as GST Inclusive in an effort to remain open and transparent with our valued customers.

We endeavour to provide the best value and highest quality Podiatry products on the market. If you would like to see something added to the LuxeMED range, please get in touch. 

Supplying Podiatry Instruments to Australia

LuxeMED is co-founded by a practising Podiatrist, so we understand the importance of having excellent Podiatry instruments in your clinic. All of our lines of Podiatry instruments and equipment are tried and tested before we add them to the LuxeMED Podiatry instrument product range. 

Holding true to our vision of Helping Podiatrists Succeed allows us to make the best decisions for you as a Podiatrist – we have your best interests at heart. From supplying Podiatry instruments at highly competitive prices to our unrivalled level of personal service, LuxeMED is growing to meet the needs of Podiatrists in Australia and all over the world.

Our Podiatry instruments are manufactured with the highest level of care and undergo extensive quality control testing before they’re shipped. You can be sure that your decision to buy LuxeMED Podiatry instruments is the right decision every time!